Setup an offshore Company in Dubai

The UAE Government has simplified the tax structure while offering many other benefits to entice foreign investments, and the result can be seen too. In last few years, foreign investment has been increased many folds as the number of offshore companies Dubai is increasing.

If you also want to open a Dubai Offshore Company, our experts will help you. We will help you understand the benefits of being an Offshore Dubai company owner comparing to other countries and areas. We also provide you information about the laws that govern Dubai Offshore Companies. And, we will help you to setup your own company without letting you face troubles of documents processing, finding location, etc.

Benefits of setting up an Offshore Company Dubai

In comparison to many other places in the world, business setup laws are very much in favour of foreign investors, and this is the reason why every year a big number of companies are being opened here. Given below are some of the benefits of setting up an off shore company Dubai:

• 0% personal tax

• 0% corporate tax

• 0% capital tax

• No VAT except on oil products and branches of foreign banks

• Privacy protection policy by keeping company details limited to the registrar

• No need to deposit capital fund in a bank

• 100% foreign ownership

• No need to submit company accounts to government

• Ease of documents processing

• Simplified laws that entertain quick approval upon validation of required documents

While these are the benefits you will enjoy by opening offshore company Dubai, there are a few limitations attached as well. But, you need not to worry about; as we are here to help you acknowledge everything you need before you actually start the set up process so that there is no later on chaos. Our experts are aware of everything required to setup Off Shore Company in Dubai, and we will assist you in all manners so that your company starts as soon as you want.