PRO Services in Dubai, Sponsorship in Dubai

Setting up business in Dubai demands several documents to be cleared, attested and validated by different government bodies such as DNRD, Dubai Land Department, Dubai Economic Department, and so on. As a part of our PRO services, we help our clients to focus on their other important tasks while taking the complete responsibility of getting all required documents cleared and attested.

Advantages of hiring us for PRO Services in Dubai

We have a team of experts and experienced professionals who deal with different government professionals in several departments on behalf of our clients and get all the required documents processed within the required time.

We provide PRO services for all types of documents for all types of companies in Dubai and the UAE. In addition, we provide sponsorship in Dubai. Our PRO services include the below tasks:

• Getting the documents attested by related government departments

• Dealing with ministry of justice, notary, chamber of commerce, municipality etc for documents clearing

• Arranging and processing documents for Visa for employees, investor, spouse, family members, business partner, etc.

• Applying for Visa renewal for employees, investors, business partners, spouse, family members, etc

• Applying for a trade license and getting all the documents cleared so you get a trade license in Dubai

• Renewal of Trade license While providing the above listed PRO services in Dubai, we offer you the below benefits as well:

• By hiring us, you are assured that all documents clearing and processing tasks will be done in an efficient and timely manner so you can concentrate on other important jobs

• Our experts are well-known of Dubai’s government departments and their requirements for different types of companies so we get the job done with 100% satisfaction

• We take care of all types of documents and their renewals so you also need not to worry about expiry of documents and their renewals; we keep reminding you

• Collecting documents from your location and delivering the processed documents to you

• Saving your time and money by eliminating the need for hiring a separate team for this particular job

• We keep all information that you shared with us confidential unless it is necessary to share with a government department per PRO services requirement

For many years, we are providing PRO services to our clients in different areas. Be it an offshore company or an onshore company, our team of professionals is aware of the all government departments and their requirements for clearing documents for different types of companies in different zones in Dubai.

Contact us and we will help you with a complete range of PRO services and sponsorship in Dubai.