Maz Advisors – your helping hand in offshore Dubai Company formation

Offshore company formation Dubai is a wise decision because of the benefits you get after you register offshore company in Dubai. While the benefits are many, you also need to be very careful when applying to setup an offshore company, as there are so many documents required to be validated and processed by different government departments and legal bodies. In addition, depending upon your company type, several requirements per bank account, visa, share holders, etc need to be fulfilled. We can help you register offshore company in Dubai with ease. Before we tell you how we can help you, have a look at the offshore Dubai company formation.

Benefits of Offshore company formation in Dubai

The list of benefits that you will get is big and from that list, here are the top advantages:

• You will get 100% foreign ownership

• UAE is independent and has no information sharing agreement with any country so far, which means your details will remain safe within UAE

• 0% corporate tax

• 0% individual tax

• 0% capital tax

• UAE has signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAA’s) with above 40 countries, which means you need not to pay taxes in your own country

• There is no restriction for having a shareholder or sponsor from UAE only; he or she may or may not be a UAE national

• Details about your company officers will be safe as there is no public register to keep such information

• You can hold bank account with multi-currency support

• No restriction on foreign currency

• Company formation process is easier and faster with less cost comparing to other countries

• Minimum capital is required

• You can form company with a minimum 1 director or share holder

As you see the list of benefits is too long, you need to ensure that you take help of the top business consultant who have years of experience in helping in Dubai offshore company formation.

How we can help

We can help you in Dubai offshore company formation while taking all your hurdles away with our expertise. For last many years, we have been assisting business owners in setting up offshore companies in Dubai. Our experts can help you in,

• Finding the best location for your company

• Arranging all the required documents you need

• Getting all the documents validated and attested by different government departments and legal bodies

• Staying in touch with you while providing you all updates without letting you directly involve in the process thereby your time is saved

• Arranging a sponsor from Dubai; though it is not necessary that the sponsor is a Dubai national but in case, you do not have a sponsor, our experts will arrange for you

• Handling you with the documents

Contact us now for seamless Dubai offshore company formation. We are available 24/7. You can also visit us at our headquarter.