has a broad business services array to offer –´s services´ array is a diversified one and comprises the identified interventions that have dedicated potentials for ensuring business efficiencies for your organization.

We have built multi sectoral expertise that spans areas as diverse as accounting and HR to new business set ups and risk profiling for our client organizations.

We provision the following services –

· Accounting And Book Keeping –

We ensure easy transition to effective and frontline accounting parameters and formats including US GAAP and IFRS implementation. We provide customized book keeping procedures so as to ensure effective financial recordkeeping for the company.

· Audits –

We undertake comprehensive internal audit, stock audit, operational audit and tax audit among others. Our ´Forensic Accounting´ and ´Regulations Compliance´ procedures are great efficacious solutions in identifying the indulgent malpractices and financial negligence areas in the company. We have helped our clients build secure financial health in a short time span.

· Risk Assessment And Mitigation –

We conduct dedicated risk profiling and assessment for our clients by undertaking thorough scanning of operations and identifying potential vulnerabilities. We also assist the companies in adopting effective risk mitigation strategies.

· HR Consultancy –

We develop customized job descriptions, carry out programmed recruitment maneuvers and subsequent induction modules for the client firms.

· New Business Set Up –

We have helped in setting up of good numbers of LLCs, private listed companies, JVs, offshore companies, branches and subsidiaries. We also assist business set up in leading Free Zones of the world, particularly Middle East and Asia.

· Feasibility Studies –

Our professionals carry out in depth feasibility studies as for the prospective ´capex´ plans and business expansion maneuvers of the companies.

· Liquidity –

We employ some of the best experts to assess the liquidity situation in the organization and suggest suitable adjustments for safe and profitable liquidity flow passages.

· Arbitration –

We arrange fluent business arbitration mechanisms.

· Tax Consultancy –

We offer cross national and fee zone tax compliance consultancy.

· ICT Consultancy –

We undertake complete review of the existing ICT infrastructure and suggest suitable up gradations and ´tech refresh´ tasking.

We are professionals in our conduct and have passion for efficiencies!